About Empire Builders

Who We Are

Empire Builders is the virtual accelerator disrupting and improving the lives of start-ups and entrepreneurs with scalable businesses. We help scalable startups and passionate entrepreneurs build, grow and explode their companies. At the same time, we make investors of all kinds happy. With our unique process, we improve our client’s businesses and chance of obtaining funding significantly.

What We Do

Business Consulting- we help our warriors with structure, presentation, financials, strategy, HR, marketing and most importantly Execution!!!

Funding- our warriors are the best prepared and most sought-after entrepreneurs and startups for funding of all kinds. Our network of investor connections span angel, early and late seed, institutional, Series A, investment banks and more. Funding is critical for success and growth.

Partnership- we establish long term relationships with our warriors. We win together…we conquer and build together!

Apply to Empire Builders!

Are you a Warrior? Are you ready to build your Empire?

Anyone can apply to Empire Builders. We welcome, all to apply and we are industry agnostic. We evaluate each applicant thoroughly looking for scalability, strength of idea, passion and a fit for our program. Apply today and start building your dream instead of someone else’s!

The Team

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Vince Edwards

Vince Edwards


Mr. Edwards comes from a very diverse work background. He has worked for fortune 100 companies, Procter & Gamble and IBM, nonprofits, banking and financial institutions before catching the entrepreneur bug himself. He started his own consulting firm in 2006.

As a business consultant he has worked with companies from every industry and level. He has helped raise millions in capital for these companies. Along the way his passion turned to startups and entrepreneurs.

This is the segment he loves and has committed to helping the underserved and overlooked entrepreneur.

Henceforth, Empire Builders!!

Ralph Birt

Ralph Birt


Ralph has over 15 years of experience on Wall Street and financial services, working both on the buy-side and sell-side in addition to running and managing early-stage financial services companies. With almost 10 years at Goldman Sachs in various roles related to mortgages and structured products, including principal finance and asset acquisition, new issue securitization, company acquisitions as well as mergers & acquisitions.

Ralph is a Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner of TSU Capital, a boutique financial advisory firm headquartered in New York, offering capital raising & advisory services for institutional clients with a focus on structured finance, financial services, real estate & energy.

Joshua Tretakoff

Joshua Tretakoff


Silicon Valley veteran. Vast work experiences from the Sharper Image to Just Answer.

Joshua is a noted veteran of using a vast variety of technology solutions to improve to  the customer relationship.

He has worked with the best brands in the online and offline worlds to deliver innovative marketing solutions through marketing, strategy, and tactical implementation.

He thrives on delivering amazing solutions that repeatedly engage customers, and provide direct impact on the bottom line.

He has been apart of many startups and several exits.


Where are you located?

Our Headquarters are located in beautiful Lexington, KY. We have satellite offices in San Francisco, CA and New York, NY. We are virtual, so we can work with clients from anywhere.

Does Empire Builders invest?

Not usually, through our large network of investors we are able to find the right investors and programs for our warriors. We do partner with our warriors and help in all aspects of their fund raising.

Do I have to relocate to attend your program?

No, we are virtual, and we can come to you or vice versa for meetings and closings. We establish long term relationships with our warriors, so it does not end in a few months’ period.

Do you charge fees to be in your program?

Yes, we do. The fees are determined for each warrior depending on the needs of our time and expertise. We also take some equity. This makes us true partners in this journey. We both have skin in the game. Our experience has proven that when clients (warriors) pay for services they give a better effort and show their commitment to success. The other major difference with Empire Builders is we use our team, partners, and 3rd party vendors to execute with you. We don’t charge just for advice, you get true services and tasks completed.

How long is the program?

We start with a 12-month plan. As I said we are true long-term partners. Because of the equity piece, we may be with you forever. Of course, either party can decide to end the relationship with proper notification.

When does the program start and is there a deadline to apply?

There is no deadline to apply and if selected, we start and customize your program for you. This is not a cookie cutter mass training program. This is a very specifically designed program for you and your current situation, what you need, and a strategic plan is constructed and executed in partnership.

What services does Empire Builders offer?

Consulting, mentoring, accounting, legal, marketing, sales, HR, capital funding, financial analysis, valuations, formations, IT, websites, strategic planning and much more.

What happens after I apply?

We will confirm your application through email or phone. We then ask for any follow-up material needed to evaluate your company and idea. Once we have everything to do a thorough analysis, we let you know. We give you a yes or no within 2 weeks from that date.

So, why should I try Empire Builders, there are a lot of free options out here?

How are those working for you? That’s what I thought. An investment in Empire Builders is an investment and commitment in yourself. We will run through walls with you! Let us help you build your dream, you been building other people’s dreams long enough….

Are You Ready?